Thursday, September 22, 2005 

Weird thingi over Northridge..UFO? :p

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I took this picture a few minutes ago..I don't know what it is, maybe the reflection of fuel being discharged from a plane? No? Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Got tagged..

  • I got tagged for the first time by Catch-22, so here goes:

  • Last book you read: Why Do Men Have Nipples?
    Last phone number you called: My friend.
    Last show you watched on TV: Some segment on the National Geographic Channel on those islands in Dubai.
    Last thing you had to drink: Water
    Last thing you ate: Big Mac
    Last time you cried: Not really sure, maybe Ground Zero a couple months ago.
    Last time you smiled: This morning
    Last person you hugged: My friend.
    Last person you talked to on the phone: My friend.
    Last thing you smelled: Sleep odor coming from my blanket.
    Last CD that you bought: Some techno CD I got from 3rd st. Promenade in Santa Monica cause it reminded me of something.
    Last song you sang: Lana Allah, m7amad 3abdo lol
    Last thing you laughed at: My friend when he was talking about his experiences with girls.
    What's in your cd player: iPod.. about a billion tracks ranging from English to Arabic, political segments, comedy, audiobooks.
    What time did you wake up today: 4:30 PM
    Current favorite article of clothing: No preference
    Favorite place to be: Arabic cafes in L.A., i wonder how long that's going to last.
    Least favorite place: The classroom.
    Do you believe in an afterlife? Yes.
    In Heaven or Hell: Yes.
    How tall are you: 6'1"
    Current favorite word: Awesome, 7ada (Kuwaiti accent), and a few others.
    Favorite Book: The Chomsky Reader.
    Random lyric: albint galat labooha yabooy joonee thalath azwaj we zyadah looool (Alruwaished)
    Something I want but I don't really need is: A degree.
    Something I need but I don't really want is: hmm..A degree.

    *do you...*

    drink?: I'm an alcoholic atheist.
    have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope.
    have a dream that keeps coming back? Sometimes.
    believe there is life on other planets? Why not?
    read the newspaper? Yeah.
    consider yourself tolerant of others? Very.
    consider police a friend or foe? Friend until I pop in a rap record lol

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

    The Value of..

  • I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately..a little cheesy list of things...maybe you people can generate some more..

    The Value of..

    1- Close family members
    2- Being financially independent
    3- The pursuit for people you want to get to know
    4- Having friends here and there
    5- Playing catch up with distant friends and relatives
    6- Being healthy ( eating right, sleeping right, and exercising)
    7- Maintaining a good relationship with a parent and/or parent figure
    8- Maintaining a personal relationship within your inner self (knowing why you feel a certain way about a certain something, and how to change limiting beliefs) (personal understanding)
    9- Setting goals
    10- Striving to achieve these goals
    11- Coming to peace with your flaws
    12- Working hard to change these flaws
    13- Error
    14- Doing something about it
    15- Having fun
    16- Having fun
    17- Having fun
    18- Change
    19- Adaptation
    20- Ambition
    21- School
    22- Reading
    23- Trying to understand why people act the way they do
    24- Trying something new
    25- Going somewhere new
    26- Staying on the saddle
    27- Stress
    28- Stress relievers
    29- Traveling
    30- Trying to understand why people do what they do
    31- Going to the mall from time to time, not to shop, but to observe
    32- Seeing how different people say hi and bye at the airport
    33- Keeping in touch
    34- Visiting people
    35- First impressions
    36- Being confident
    37- Comedy
    38- Maintaining a good sense of humor
    39- Not freaking out over worthless possessions
    40- Not freaking out over stressful situations
    41- Video games
    42- Music
    43- Spirituality
    44- Cameras
    45- Pictures
    46- Digging into your past, how you got here, transitional phases in your life, and most importantly, are you ready for another transition?
    47- Understanding politics
    49- Acknowledging that every person in your life is there for a reason, or not
    50- Keeping a positive outlook on things
    51- Understanding that your expectation alters your perception
    52- Being modest
    53- knowing that a futon is not as comfy as a mattress
    54- H2O
    55- How credit cards screw you over
    56- Knowing your surroundings
    57- Having an atlas in your never might just randomly hit the road someday
    58- Having options and alternatives
    59- Keeping up to date
    60- Brushing your teeth
    61- Coffee
    62- Calling your parents at least twice a week
    63- Stretching
    64- Not judging

    Hmm..that's the only list I can come up with at the moment...oh yeah..

    65- Blogging
  • Saturday, September 17, 2005 

  • Study reveals 5-year-olds' innate math ability.

  • Study charts origins of fear memory.

  • Sexism may shorten men's lives, researchers say.

  • Violence can change teen's physiology, scientists say.

  • Sharon urges Middle East compromise. I say you start, we'll take it from there.

  • A new blog search tool from Google.

  • I'm just reporting this so, please, no hate mail from all you retards out there; Arab nations ‘must take a step towards Israel
  • Thursday, September 15, 2005 

  • This is not the sun. Frozen whole ovary transplant a success.

  • Saudi women to run for office for the first time.

  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Rasheed of Arab News digs into what makes Saudis different, or not. The article is titled, Are We Saudis Really That Different?

  • Stiff upper lips may impair memories, researchers say.

  • Millennium goals ignore mental health.

  • Delta and Northwest file for bankruptcy.

  • Britney Spears is now mom. Nasty
  • Sunday, September 11, 2005 

  • An online documentary on hypnosis.

  • Lessons from 9/11 help Katrina survivors deal with emotions.

  • End of Gaza occupation officially declared.

  • Getting your Zzzzs, online. This article is about an online therapy program that helps insomniacs get back in the game.

  • An airbag for motorcycles. Hmm...but don't you need a seat belt in order to take advantage of an airbag?

  • Just started playing around with Flickr. I spent a few hours uploading pics. Feel free to check them out.
  • Saturday, September 10, 2005 

  • Researchers say: "The human brian is still evolving."

  • To all you smokers out there: smoke breaks help boost memory, researchers say.

  • Volume VI, No. 28, September 9, 2005 of the Arab American Institute's Countdown newsletter reports on the double standards that are applied to victims of both Israeli Arab, and Israeli Jewish terror. It's titled The Mother of All Double Standards. Worth a look at.

  • An article that talks about blogging in the United Arab Emirates.

  • I've been meaning to talk about the live Katrina benefit on NBC a couple days ago when rapper Kanye West plugged in his own script by saying,"George Bush doesn't care about black people." LOL. Funny shit. Check out the look on Mike Myers before they cut to an equally confused Chris Tucker. Click here to see the video.
  • Friday, September 09, 2005 

  • Anti-war protest set for Sep. 24

  • Speaking of the war, an expert claims that the US government's focus on the war on terror has diverted funds from healthcare, leading to many deaths.

  • Stress may Reduce women's risk of breast cancer, a recent study suggests.

  • Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed of Asharq Alawsat writes about Hurricane Katrina and propaganda.

  • Older people should get out there and get the heart pumping if they want to stay sharp of mind, scientists say.

  • 80% of Saudi households are emotionally mute, according to Saudi psychologist.
  • Thursday, September 08, 2005 


  • Oh man, I missed posting useless crap on this useless blog :p
    I'm finally settled in. I moved into my new place about 10 days ago. It's a nice studio. No comment on the rent though. School is good. Taking a class and looking for a job. Been hanging out at "how to" resume sites.
    This place isn't that bad. Been driving around town exploring new places. I've accidently ran into a few Arabic places. I was like.."Aaah..My beoble !" Overall, it's been a good experience so far. I'm just lacking the social aspect of it. I've only met a few people here. That'll change with time.
    I'm going through this soul searching phase these days. I have these phases from time to time. I'm usually like this when I'm under stress. Obviously I was going through a lot of stress with graduation, getting accepted in a school, moving, finding a place, and the sort. I usually deal with this stress by "going back to my cave" as John Gray puts it. Not antisocial in the word, but it's more of having time for yourself to rethink things, and reorganize priorities. One thing I haven't touched on is Katrina. I'm not going to dig into it but scratch the surface, if you may. Man those TV reports are funny, especially when race is the issue. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about..That's about it....

  • Running on sand a challenge and reward.

  • Humiliation influences obese teens' depression

  • More Dieters Turning to Hypnosis

  • Apple has unveiled a gadget that combines its hugely popular iPod music player with a mobile phone.

  • Personal Footnote:
    I started to watch Adam Carolla's new show on Comedy Central called Too Late with Adam Carolla. It's pretty funny. I'll tell you this... this DVR system I have in my cable box is something. you can record up to 40 hours of shows or whatever the crap you people record from your TVs. I'm turning into a freaking couch potato these days. Still haven't bought any potato chips for my apartment yet, but my chest sure needs some crumbs on it..just to complete the couch potato experience. I'm getting there though, got a few empty pizza boxes in the kitchen. Anyway, this DVR is something. You can have it record a whole series. Not only that, it can also record some crap from a channel while you're watching some other crap on another channel. So, I started recording football (soccer) games of course, Too Late with Adam Carolla from Comedy Central, Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew from the Discovery Health Channel. This show talks about sexual dysfunctions, drugs, surgery, etc. Dr. Drew is the guy from Loveline, the radio talk show. Adam Carolla's on there as well. They make a good team. Hmm..what else...I guess that's about it
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