Saturday, January 27, 2007 

Inspiration Off a Starbucks Cup...

The Way I see It #182

"In my career I've found that 'thinking outside the box' works better if you know what's 'inside the box.' In music (as in life) we need to understand our pertinent history...and moving on is so much easier once we know where we've been,"

- Dave Grusin

Award-winning composer and jazz musician.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

First of all, Happy Eid and Happy New Year's ba3ed alza7mah.

In what was labeled a project to overcome my personal experience with writer’s block, this venture has yet to achieve its goal. In fact, it has failed miserably. Almost 2 years in the making, I have struggled with a quasi-Freudian ensemble that had a clash between my id, ego, and super-ego as the main event. Trying to find a theme for this so-called blog has been very frustrating. From posting social science/cultural-related feeds to stumbling on a few personal thoughts. Not to mention the occasional speech impediments that yield a few worthless video clips from time to time. Oftentimes, projects like these serve other purposes or lead their author to, yet, other endeavors. Just like how Bush’s idea of spreading democracy was picked up later on in this Iraq war, his initial goal was far from it. i.e. to find weapons of mass destruction. In other words, blogs can serve purposes other than what they are meant for, as in my case, to eradicate my writer’s block. You hear stories of people who start out with little personal diary posts on their blogs, and little do they know that they will become writers in local newspaper columns. Others get sick of all the opinionated people out there and pretty much start sticking to tagging their friends from here and there as a means to keep in touch. And at times, your agenda changes from trying to educate to just trying to hook up.

For me, this little project of mine tends to hit many forks in the road due to lack of motivation, lack of material, and mainly, lack of support, which in terms leads to lack of commitment in addition to my offline sever commitment issues. Personally, I tried my best to fulfill my initial goal, curing my writer’s block, but it didn't work out. Plus the idea of spreading democracy does not amuse me either. I usually tend to write about something I am passionate about, something that inspires me, or sometimes, something that pisses me off. But hey, all that is good. Dr. Spencer Johnson, who wrote Who Moved My Cheese, would tell you, “try to find your cheese,” which is a metaphor for finding an incentive that will make you keep going in what ever you are doing. The whole idea is very practical, but putting it into action is where the ‘You’ and the ‘I’ fluctuate. Well, what can one do about that? Honestly, I have no freaking idea. Sometimes I get sick of this thing, my blog, and tell myself that I should shut it down. But at other times, I find this ‘thing’ serving other purposes in some weird intertwining series of fortunate accidents, like having an old acquaintance from the pages of history stumble upon it and say, “Hey, I know you, we went to elementary school together,” or “I think my mom knows your mom and they haven’t met in 30 years,” and so many stories that have yet to emerge. In other words, for me, this little thing, my blog that I care less about, has served as a beacon that overlaps time and space in some bizarre, weird, and sometimes creepy way applying the idea of the Six Degrees of Separation into play.

When I look at ‘this’ project from that perspective, the idea of undertaking an initial goal does not appease me anymore because I have found far more life-altering experiences that have shaped the level of understanding in my world. I have come to this conclusion thanks to my old friend, Miles Davis playing in the background of my cerebral cortex.

Taking a technical writing class can dissolve your writer’s block. But meeting an array of people through the collective conscious coming from the past, present, and future would probably be my only ‘cheese’ in this little maze of blogging.

Time for another joint…

100 Years Ago

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